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We specialize in a variety of traditional and low-force methods for people in all walks of life.

Diversified Manual Manipulation - The most commonly used of all chiropractic treatments, utilizing quick, shallow thrusts to treat the joints of the body.

Activator method - The activator is a hand-held spring-loaded adjusting instrument that delivers a small rapid pulse in order to gently help restore normal functioning in the body.

Drop Table technique - An adjustment method performed with the patient lying prone on a raised table. A portion of the table is then “dropped” down with a gentle thrust in order to produce the desired change in the joint or musculature.

Pelvic Blocking - Cushioned wedges are placed under each side of the pelvis to facilitate gentle maneuvers intended to restore normal alignment of the low back and pelvis. This technique allows gravity and changes in mechanics to draw the discs away from the nerve.

Cranial Sacral therapy - Subtle palpatory skills are used to "listen" deeply to the fluctuations of cerebrospinal fluid in order to relieve symptoms of stress or tension. Myofascial Release technique — A form of soft tissue therapy used to treat dysfunction in the musculoskeletal system and any accompanying pain and/or restriction of motion.

Flexion Distraction - A combination of both mechanical and manual manipulation that uses a special table on which the spine is tractioned and flexed forward to increase the mobility of spinal joints.

Post Isometric relaxation - The muscle is placed in a stretched position, and then an isometric contraction is exerted against minimal resistance. Relaxation and gentle stretching follow as the muscle releases.